EZ Battery Conditioning Review

The one thing that every human being uses – batteries! !

The one thing that always runs out, especially when you need it most – batteries! !

I’ve gone through so much stress for changing batteries and had them bail out on me when I needed them the most; it was frustrating! Not to mention the cost implications – I can’t seem to calculate or remember how much I must have spent on replacing batteries over the years.   !

If only there were a quick household fix to this problem, right? You are on the right page. !

battery reconditioning
Here I give you my honest and unbiased review of the EZ Battery Reconditioning course, a cost and time-saving solution to recharging and re-using batteries.  !


What is EZ Battery Reconditioning Course?


The course designed by Tom Ericson and Frank (a.k.a. The Battery Man) is an extremely easy to do guide that teaches you to recharge old and dead batteries, which are most often thrown away. While the tutorial teaches you household methods to recharge and replace old batteries, it decreases battery waste and, more importantly, ‘money waste.’!

The content is designed using diagrams and a manual that is simple enough for anyone to understand. It is a practical tutorial that allows a layperson to troubleshoot the most common issue of batteries dying on us, especially when we need them most! !

The guide is an all-online course, which means you get instant access on purchase. It is a digital version only product. There are no physical paper manuals.!


The EZ Battery Reconditioning course teaches you to replace all types of batteries, right from car batteries, AA/AAA batteries to phone and laptop batteries. The tasks can be completed using readily available tools and components from your home. It is convenient knowledge for anyone to have in case of emergencies as well. !

While the course is a permanent mechanism to the battery problem, a one-time payment can give you access to this knowledge that will help you save money over your lifetime. You don’t need to be an engineer or scholar to learn this course; it is simple for anyone to learn. The requisites required to recharge your battery are also commonly available items. Bid goodbye to buying new batteries and going through the stress of batteries running out on you when you need them! !


battery reconditioningMaterial contained in this course is usually hidden from the public since there is a lot of money involved for battery manufacturers themselves. Also, the ‘battery guys‘ who usually come by to pick up the old used batteries you dispose of for free wouldn’t want their business affected.!

Tom was inspired to share this course with the public due to his own hardship faced in his personal life due to batteries and the lack of funds to keep replacing them. !

The EZ Battery Reconditioning course is a proprietary product and is available exclusively via the ClickBank marketplace.!

How does the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course work? 


The course provides a well-curated manual with pictorials and content that is easy to understand. It teaches you about the different kinds of batteries, how they function, and what components they are made of. Upon understanding this, we can easily replace these components to bring our batteries back to life. The tasks can be done with readily available household materials.!

The reconditioning techniques can be done with readily available materials. Some of those are items you will find at home and some, you may need to buy at your local store. The list of items needs include only commonly available items.

A point to note here is that the batteries can be reconditioned to get more use out of them, its not like the refurbished batteries will last forever. Needless to say, this means you reduce the frequency of battery purchases considerably.

The cost-saving here is quite substantial, considering you would never have to buy new batteries for the rest of your life. Not only can you save money by not spending it on new batteries, but you could also look at starting a small business by just collecting and recharging batteries for your friends, families, and neighbors. !



Here are a few of the reasons I really like the EZ Battery Reconditioning course: !

  • It is a lifetime solution to replacing old or dead batteries.  
  • The tasks are doable with easily available materials at home. 
  • You can recharge batteries within 20 minutes – it’s a time-saving technique.
  • The tutorial is filled with diagrams and pictorials, which make it very easy to understand.
  • The tutorial can be pursued by anyone who has no previous engineering knowledge or experience dealing with batteries.  
  • The tutorial is fairly priced at a one-time payment of just 47$.  
  • Learning this course will also help you if you want to start a small business of replacing batteries for others. 
  • It teaches you how to change all kinds of batteries from car batteries, machinery batteries, phone and laptop batteries to regular AA and AAA batteries.
  • It can save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime. 
  • A great solution to the global crisis of battery waste pollution.  
  • It teaches us the importance of recycling old materials.  
  • They offer a money-back guarantee with their 60-day return policy, in case it doesn’t work for you.    
  • There are no additional costs or upsells at the site.  



Like everything in life, this too has a few cons which you need to be aware of: !

  • You will have to buy the course to check if it works for you.  
  • You will need some basic tools, so if you do not have them at home, some investment on your part is required.
  • As mentioned on their website, the techniques might not work when the batteries have major issues.

Final Verdict

I rate the EZ Battery Reconditioning
Course 5 out of 5 stars. !

The course material here is a life-changing, permanent, and revolutionary solution to the battery replacement problem. It will help you save thousands of dollars over your lifetime, which could be used for so many other essential things. It is also extremely handy to know these techniques in case you have an emergency, and your battery runs out on you. Also, if you are looking to monetize your purchase, there is a business angle here too!

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