Levelator PRO Cash Builder Review

The Forex trading market has always been extremely appealing. Investors who know their way around the market stand to profit heavily from this. Of course, the main barrier is here is technical knowledge. It’s a sea of complicated terms and an information overload everywhere.

As a result of the Forex market’s profit-generating capacity, several forex trading tools and courses have sprung up like crazy all over the place. Most such tools claim to teach you how to make money with Forex trading, but in reality, they are all just luring you to buy their product.

The ClickBank Marketplace has a number of Forex trading sites listed that claim to get you rich quick! Some are definitely legitimate while others are, let’s just say they end up teaching you only what any free Youtube video will be able to.

The big question then is – How to select the right Forex trading site? Here I have reviewed Russ Horn’s Levelator Pro for you. Let’s dive in!

What is the Levelator Pro?

Levelator PROLevelator Pro is an online Forex trading program that gives you insights and tips on when to trade and what to trade in.

This trading program analyses the Forex market 24/7 and prepares real-time charts for you. You need not really study the market or wonder which currency pairs to work with. Being an international market, forex is always at work in some parts of the world. Hence, it is essential to have round the clock monitoring done to actually be able to make money from the Forex market.

The name Levelator comes from the fact that the results are shown to you in the form of charts with levels clearly demarcated. You need to just follow the trade indicators at these levels.

The Levelator pro indicator works on all timeframes and across all currency pairs. It also works for non-forex markets like oil and gold, so it’s quite diverse in this respect.

The alerts are sent both for BUY and SELL options. It also indicates the TakeProfit and StopLoss values so that you are aware of all risk parameters before the actual trade. The signal alerts are sent both via email as well as phone. A push notification is sent to your phone, and an email alert is also simultaneously sent. This just ensures that you do not miss any critical alerts.

How the analysis algorithm works is, of course, Russ’s trade secret, and not much information is given on how the data is analyzed and charts created. This is standard practice for any similar site and hence did not raise any eyebrows. I was not expecting any revealing information about the mechanics anyway!

Who is the Levelator Pro for?

The Levelator pro program is aimed at the most basic audience – people with zero knowledge of the Forex market can work with it and trade. Needless to say, you will need to open your own trading account. It seems to be compatible with all trading platforms as the site does not display any information about compatibility with only a specific trading platform.

The Plus Side

There are a lot of features that work in the Levelator’s favor. Here are some of the highlights of this Forex software:

  • The instruction manual is detailed and comprehensive. You will need to spend some time understanding how to read the Levelator chart, but it is all color-coded and explained very well. Russ has used all teaching tools like diagrams, charts, color coding, etc. to describe the concepts so clearly that even a complete newbie will get the hang of it.
  • In his manual, Russ has clearly defined the entry and exit points, so if you follow the rules, chances are that you will not go wrong.
  • The alerts are given out for Forex currency pairs, oil and gold, hence not just limited to the Forex market. It has a broader perspective and thus gives you a more extensive playground.
  • In addition to the primary member’s area access with the Levelator Pro, you also get invited to the Live webinars regularly hosted by Russ Horn. You can even speak to other traders on his platform and bounce out ideas and queries. Its almost like a community that is willing to help each other out.
  • There are several alerts generated daily, so you are never at a loss for trading tips. The Levelator covers both short trades and long trades.
  • The support system for the site is simply outstanding. Russ Horn himself takes personal care to ensure that your queries about the software are answered thoroughly. So, when you raise a question, you can be sure that it will be solved promptly and mostly to your satisfaction.

The Down Side

As is the case with all trading apps, the Levelator pro also has its disadvantages, although to be fair, they are few and far between.

  • In his manual, Russ clearly states: “it has about a 60% win ratio if you are trading with the direction of the trend as determined by the 2ColorMA.” I actually did not know if I should take this as a pro or a con for the Levelator. The fact that Russ comes clean about the win ratio is a big plus for me. However, I’m not sure that knowing the chances are 60% for a win, I would actually work with this indicator.
  • This program has only a digital online version. There are no CDs or books delivered to you.

Final Verdict

The Levelator Pro delivers a wide range of features and proves to be a reliable Forex indicator to work with. Clearly explained concepts and the flexibility to work with various markets all work in its favor.

Of course, as with any trading app, the standard disclaimer is mandatory – there is an amount of risk involved, and there are no guarantees. If you do not like it at all, the usual 60-day money-back guarantee is always an option. My suggestion is to start slowly and learn as you go along. Consistency will surely take you places!

Levelator PRO

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