Ten Steps To Profitable Trading Review

10 step stock trading

What do you do when you have money, and the drive to invest somewhere to make a fortune? It is not a rare sight to see people who are anxious to earn more to make both ends meet, but their work commitments do not permit them to focus or take a bolder step and take an uncharted uncommon route. With the world economy in total uncertainty, it is normal that you also want to make hay while it shines. But what are your options and who do you trust with all your money?

Many methods appear on the Internet assuring you to double your investment within a short time, without much of an effort on your part, and with promises that they would take care of investments. But utmost caution is needed when considering them since many of them are fraudulent, and your hard-earned money will be gone in a jiffy!

Stock trading is a good option, but how many of us are aware of the tricks and nuances? Keeping in mind the predicament of people like us, Nigel Thomas has come up with a great program that takes you on the road to achieving your aim with a simple tutorial that is easy to understand. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what the program is all about.

What are the Ten Steps to Profitable Trading

What this program offers is detailed training on whatever you need to know if you decide to get into stock trading. Divided into 10 easy-to-understand steps, the program is very easy for even a beginner to understand. Several people have benefited by following this training program working from home.

How it Works

The program talks about a very simple method of buying low and selling high which is one of the most profitable strategies in the stock market. You get the highest chances of making solid profits with minimum losses by trading in different market conditions. It has been of great use not only to beginners but even to those who have wide experience in trading. A steady stream of income higher than what they have been making is assured, that too with a minimum investment. Right from choosing the stock to invest in and to quit the trade at the right opportunity, the program covers almost all intricate details of trading. It also shows you how to manage your capital with a long-term view.

A complete guide on how much money to invest, the amount of risk to be taken with each trade, and how to get the highest profit from low trade-offs is provided in the program.

Sometimes the profits even go up to 50% more than the investment. It is a very fruitful method of profit maximization. There is also a tutorial on recovery trades. This aspect of stock trading is important to help traders recover the losses they incurred during the previous trades and to help them earn a passive profit. You will get to know the best indicators to trade when you indulge in personal market analysis.

The Ten Steps included in the program are:

10 step stock trading

Researching winners – This helps beginners with no knowledge of trading whatsoever. It helps in knowing what to look for, how to select the correct stock option for trading, how to gain an entry point on it and full training on market analysis. It could get a tad confusing for beginners as several details are given and a wrong step would prove risky so be thorough with this.

The Short List – This describes how to shortlist the first run-through with the help of indicators. It helps in choosing the three best stocks in the market to get high profits.

Choosing the Stock – This helps you to pick the best stock from the three stocks to trade to get the best chances of profit and minimal chances of loss.

Identify the Buy Point – You will learn how to pick the entry point for buying trade. You will learn to use the indicators to time your entry. You can trade with minimum capital and yet have a very low risk for your capital.

Buying In – This teaches you the four market movements and trains you to place automatic trades and receive notifications about the trades having been placed.

Choosing the Stop Loss Point – You will be trained to choose the stop loss point and determine the amount you want to trade with. It helps you secure your capital with minimal risks.

Setting the Stop Loss Point – You will learn to have your capital at low risk with minimal loss from the trades.

Setting the Breakeven Stop – This step shows how to secure your capital when the trades are moving in a positive direction.

Setting Trailing Stops – Here you will understand how to move your stop loss value in a positive direction in which the trade is moving and get profits.

Locking in Profits – You will know what to look for when trading and how to adjust a stop loss and exit the trade.

You will also get a few bonuses when you buy the program such as:

  • Keys to Top Trading Profits
  • Secrets of Millionaire Traders
  • A Practical Guide to Swing Trading
  • The eBook of Technical Market Indicators
  • Trading in Mind
  • SureFire Forex Trading


  • An easy-to-follow guide to the beginner who wants to enter into stock trading
  • Helps in earning a steady income with a minimal investment
  • Teaches you how to pick the right stock at the right time
  • It trains you to protect your capital
  • You will understand how much to invest and yet make good profits
  • How to preserve capital
  • Avoid confusion from many different market indicators
  • Requiring your attention only once when ordering and in then once every couple of weeks
  • Helps in living a stress-free and leisurely life but giving you a nice income flow
  • 60-days money-back guarantee


  • Should follow the instructions meticulously
  • Even a slight error or miscalculation may lead to risk
  • It might get technical for those not too good with numbers
  • Available online only
  • Subject to market conditions

Final verdict

The program is what you need to get into profitable stock trading. With its detailed and clear instructions, you will easily understand the secrets of stock trading. Even if you are a beginner at trading, you can fully understand what it is to trade, when, and how to trade. Many people have hugely benefited from the program and made profits.

The basic norms of stock trading that are also efficient strategies for trading are available in the program. You will learn to identify opportunities to make maximum profit and reduce loss from trading, which again depends on the market conditions. Right from choosing the stock to trade with and exiting at the right time, the training takes you by hand in helping you earn more money than what you would be earning in a job. Since you have 60-days money-back guarantee, you will not lose the investment that you make for buying the program. Do not hesitate, with this program your future and wealth will be secured and grow – just give it some time. rate this program 5 stars for all the knowledge and training I got in stock trading!

10 step stock trading

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